Humanity Wins!

When things work as they were meant to, it gives you incredible hope in humanity…in the fact that, maybe, just maybe, we really can change this world.

Four months ago, we wrote about how, through our Michael Taiwo Scholarship program, we discovered a brilliant mathematical mind living in poverty and staring at a bleak future. The very real prospect that had fate not led us to find him, he would have been confined to a life that is less than, for no crime other than the accident of birth gave me sleepless nights. I detailed my first impressions in a since viral article “Rage, Sadness, Gratitude and Hope: An Interview to Remember.”

Today, I am pleased to announce that Emmanuel Chinweuba Nworie has accepted a fully funded offer to study for his PhD in Mathematics at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. SMU is a prestigious private research university. Emmanuel prefers locations with warm weather. He received three great offers from the University of Texas, University of Tennessee and SMU. For personal and professional reasons he has chosen SMU and we couldn’t be more glad.

Mentors are our secret sauce. It is hard to exaggerate the role Busayo Aworunse, PhD, PMP, Emmanuel’s assigned mentor, played in delivering the outcome we celebrate today.

There is still more work to do to get to his first day of class, but we now see the light at the end of the tunnel. When a talent like Emmanuel gets the exposure he deserves, humanity wins! Like I said in the article referenced above, we need the biggest brains God gave us to tackle the thorniest problems man faces today. This is a giant step in that direction.

Michael Taiwo, PhD

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  1. Akindiya, Olawumi Elizabeth

    I sincerely appreciate your great work. God’s blessings are upon you. To be honest, it gave me hope. Congratulations, Emmanuel! I eagerly anticipate your contribution to humanity.

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