A Royal Recognition


The reason we started the MT Scholarships was to help those who otherwise would have found it difficult to achieve their dreams of landing a fully funded graduate program in a world-class institution. We have been pleased with the outpouring of support for this quest. The latest has come from a rather surprising source: His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M.) Oba Dr. Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (Ojaja II), the Ooni of Ife. 

This recognition belongs to all of us. Thank you for supporting us. The work is far from done. We continue on. 

I have reproduced the contents of the letter below for your pleasure.


Recently, the Ooni of Ife had a meeting with the President of Nigeria, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari. The Ooni mentioned our work and the President wished the young MT Scholars and the Scholarship body well.

If you’d rather read in PDF format, please click here: Letter from His Imperial Majesty Ooni of Ife

“January 18, 2021

Dear Dr. Taiwo,

Position: Founder/ Chairman

His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M), Oba Dr. Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, OJAJA II, Ooni of Ife Ooni of Ife Global Outreach (OIGO)

Letter of Recognition-Dr. Oluwafemi Michael Taiwo PhD

With the warmest royal regards from the Throne of Oduduwa, I’d like to chiefly express my immeasurable gratification in your noble patriotic acts, consistent positive attributes, and a transformational enterprise that are delivering life changing opportunities for young Nigerians through Michael Taiwo Annual Scholarships. Your history of unparalleled commitment, uncompromised passion, philanthropic activities and doggedness spirit through the scholarships should be applauded. It’s a magnificent and breathtaking contribution to national greatness which is shaping and redefining the future of Nigeria best and brightest young populations.


In no small measure, I have been trailing your commitment to alleviating young brilliant Nigerians out of the multifarious complex economic situation with immense admiration. I celebrate the depth of your strategic values and unwavering allegiance to these young Nigerians that are benefitting from the Michael Taiwo Annual Scholarships. Indeed, you are moulding the future of our nation by taking on real and tough problems. You balance commitment and pragmatism with brilliance which are hallmark of nation building. The impact of your constructive influence is serving as a benchmark of inspiration to our vibrant young populations that are full of ambitions, dreams and hopes. A strong desire to succeed in life, enabled by education is an essential part of our culture a common theme in Nigerian homes.


No one can question your moral obligations as a Nigerian in diaspora. I’m excited that Nigeria is full of resourceful diaspora generation with wholesome dedication to advancing, enhancing and protecting the precious treasure of our boundless multiplicity as a nation by deepening their loyalty to supporting dynamic socioeconomic status of their families, friends, and loved ones through remittances mechanism which are considered as one of the biggest in the world and other benefits such as the Michael Taiwo Scholarships. These contributions are strengthening the richness of our commonwealth and heritage. It should be cherished and adored. Nigeria has a rich diaspora history, and in the past 10 years, their remittances influx and other social enterprises have fuelled an explosion of supports that are rekindling dreams and aspirations. It is within this recognition, intent and reference points that I write to place on record my absolute gratitude and thankfulness to you.


Since the ascension of the throne of my Progenitor Oduduwa, the most revered and sacred Royal stool, I have left no stone unturned in tackling critical economic issues and challenges that are confronting millions of our young and vibrant Nigerians through various channels. As the co- chairman of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria, NCTRN and the spiritual leader to the Yoruba nation, I have been holding numerous constructive and strategic engagements with both national and international players whose genuine aspirations are practicable towards solving the diverse intricate of hardship that are sadly identical right now with Nigeria existence.


As you are aware, Nigeria is growing the most rapidly. Consequently, her population, currently the world’s 7th largest, is projected to surpass that of the United States and become the third largest country in the world before 2050.This is a clear mission statement of Nigeria future global status where her young generations should be championing scientific explorations, robust wealth creation schemes and promptly propelling cohesive and interconnected approach towards the reconstruction of Nigeria’s economy. We must stand together to confront our national challenges, supporting practical measure towards the transformation of human capacity whilst sustaining modern and intellectual knowledge development.


These are inevitable in achieving a paradigm shift if Nigeria is to achieve vision 2050 and become a catalyst to both national and global economy growth as we consciously prepare for a population explosion and new status of global leadership. Therefore, we must reset our national education culture, advance our young generations entrepreneurial rich resilience spirit and uphold their innovative ingenuity which embodies many defining principles of our identity which includes– economic prosperity, blessings of natural resources, rich inheritance of our diversity and human capacity opportunity. Crucially, our collective purpose must be to anchor a new economic frontier by establishing innovative clusters which is able to give Nigeria a competitive advantage. Chiefly, rebuilding the fabrics of our national commonwealth through dynamic pathways should be strategically and fiercely pursued and achieved. There is a sense of urgency to leave clear set of godly footprints to those who are following behind.


It is upon this aforementioned that I’m persuasively impressed and strongly believes in your utter commitment and hundreds of thousands of others to the transformation of Nigeria which is very distinct in your passion to providing scholarships to exceptional students and other social enterprises. Incontrovertibly, Nigeria needs purposeful men and women like you who will go and steer the ship of our nation in the right direction. I dare to say that through our collective mission, an epic movement, of which kind has never been witnessed in Nigeria and Africa is about to begin, and it will begin as it ought to. It will continue with the realisation that when we take our young brothers and sisters by the hand in purposeful investment and inspiration; there is no mountain we will not surmount. Even the mighty Kilimanjaro will be a walk in the park because together we will be strong as a nation.


Consequently, and in line with my Royal mission, I have established Ooni of Ife Global Outreach (OIGO) which is a prime international organization with a multipurpose mission of exploring robust, strategic and sustainable working partnership with global institutions,


investments organizations, heritage houses, prestigious academic institutions, Agribusiness companies etc. as well as working with Nigerians with sheer commitment to rebuilding the fabrics of our lives and society. I have therefore entrusted this Royal assignment to the guidance and leadership of Dr. Ayobami Oyedare. The mission is to mentor, shape, aide and co-invest with me on rebuilding the greatness of our young populations who are committed to reconstruct and unleash the narratives of Africa as the next economic frontier of the globalization. Your strategic commitment and support to this mission would be of tremendous value to the greatness of our nation and the continent of Africa. Dr. Ayobami will be exploring such sustainable connection with you.


With inestimable commitment to our shared vision of the greatness of Yoruba nation, Nigeria and Africa in general, I pray that history in humanity will favourably admit and reference our common endeavours as saintly and priceless.


Kindly accept my Royal Blessings.

For: His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M) Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi OJAJA IIChief Idowu Salami Traditional Secretary

Ooni of Ife ”

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