Ismail, Usman Muhammad (also known as Usy) is a 22 year old graduate of civil engineering from Bayero University, Kano. He was born and raised in Kano state even though he is an indigene of Katsina state. He is the second among 8 siblings. Usman graduated with a CGPA of 4.89 out of 5 which was the best among graduating students 2018/2019 session. He was a recipient of PTDF local scholarship award and the NICESA award for the best student in the department of civil engineering. He is also in line to recieve the vice chancellors prize for the best graduating student in the university among other prizes which are awarded on the convocation day which is yet to hold. Usman is fluent in English language and Hausa language and can also speak Arabic to a lesser degree of fluency. He is currently serving his NYSC at Kano State Polytechnic where he is lecturing. Usman is also into poultry farming which he takes not only as an entrepreneurial activity but also as a hobby. He also served as a pupil engineer for a construction firm. He plays football and watch football if he is less busy. Furthermore, he likes reading articles on and Usman wants to further his studies in the field of civil and environmental engineering in a top university and luckily for him he found the MT annual scholarship as a pop up notification on his google browser. The fact that the MT annual scholarship not only ease the burden of paying standadized test fees but also provides mentorship to individuals made the scholarship all the more enticing to him. He believes that acing the GRE exams will help provide him with a straight path to a top university which is essential for his transition into the world of teaching, research and innovative invention. He believes with hardwork and dedication, he can make the best use of the technological advancements in the field of engineering in the developed world so as to acquire  high quality education which can help him to improve the welfare of his country, Nigeria.