00Simisola Oloye is a 24 year old that was born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. She comes from a family of 7 and is the second of 5 children. She currently works with the research and development department of a pharmaceutical industry. Simisola graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria as the best graduating female student with a CGPA of 6.7/7 while earning distinctions in Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Social and Administrative Pharmacy. As an undergraduate, she enjoyed 2 national scholarships including the NNPC/Chevron JV Scholarship award. She heard about the MT scholarship from a friend on telegram who knew she had plans to apply to graduate school due to her interests in research. Simisola is grateful for this opportunity because she believes this scholarship would go a long way in ensuring that she applies successfully to graduate programs in the pharmaceutical sciences by covering her application fee costs as well as providing the necessary mentorship she require as she navigates through the application process and even her career path. After graduation, she hopes to become a research and development scientist in one of the big pharmas. While graduate studies abroad could be demanding and challenging, Simisola believes that she possesses enough grit and capacity to succeed. She is positive that her background training as a pharmacist has built her up for the challenges and demands of graduate school that she might encounter. For leisure, she loves to watch TV series, dance and have intelligent conversations with people. She is also passionate about education and loves to inspire people (especially women) to become better versions of themselves.