Opeyemi Ajibuwa is a first-class graduate of electrical engineering from the University of Ilorin. He was born and raised by his grandparents in the city of Ilorin. Since graduating from the university in 2016, he has obtained practical experience across various industries in Nigeria. He affirms the experience and exposure he has gained while working reignited his interest in active research. His interest areas are wireless communications, networking and cybersecurity, where he hopes to contribute significantly by getting a PhD from a reputable school in the United States. After his studies, he plans to work as an industrial researcher in a leading organization to help build the next generation of wireless networks and mobile computing devices. He believes in living a quiet and pleasant, balanced life. He is an avid soccer and basketball fan, mainly supporting Liverpool FC and the Golden State Warriors. He also enjoys listening to contemporary music of different genres and loves creative designs. He got to know about the Michael Taiwo scholarships through a post on a WhatsApp group. He considers the impact of the scholarship a necessary ingredient to the realization of his studies plan. He is particularly keen on the mentorship and guidance provided through the MT scholarship. Based on this, he plans to continue the cycle by mentoring the next generation of scholars and entrenching the culture of excellence.