Mbanefo Chibuike Cornelius – the second child of a family of six – was born and raised in Awka, a commercial city in Anambra state. Coming from a humble background, he learnt early the virtues such as hard work, self-confidence, empathy, and time management as the necessities of one who wants to realize his dreams. He attributes his determined, passionate and strategic approach life to the practical applications of these virtues and graduated from the Federal University of Technology Owerri with a Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Technology in 2018 with full funding from the Addax Undergraduate Scholarship. He currently works as a graduate teaching assistant at the Niger State School of Health Technology Minna as part of the one-year national service for graduates. He is passionate about Biomedical Engineering and wants to get a PhD in order to fulfill a dream of a research and teaching career. Having successfully interviewed for current programs in the Material Science and Engineering of the prestigious John Hopkins University, taking and completing the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) was the only hurdle towards potential admission into the program and as a recipient of the Michael Taiwo Graduate Record Examination Scholarship, this gap has been bridged and this is a giant step towards actualization of his dreams. Outside academics, he serves as a Young African Leadership Initiative regional fellow (YALI RLC), a member of the Slum2School Africa Project, Commonwealth100 and the Startup Anambra community. He enjoys reading short stories and poems, and as a Spring Literary Fellow, he occasionally writes, and reviews works of budding writers. He also likes to be considered as a football fanatic, a Lionel Messi close fan, advocate of SDG, Pan-Africanism, Africapitalism and the many things that unite Africans.